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Rusty Lake Hotel

2015-11-19 07:21:26 by RustyLake

The name of the new game will be Rusty Lake Hotel:)


We hope to launch our first premium game in the beginning of December. We will launch a demo here at Newgrounds as well.

For now we're looking for a voice for Mr. Owl, a mysterious character you already saw in The Mill.

Read about it here: or on our blog:


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2015-11-21 10:16:32

Will the whole game ever be released on Newgrounds?

RustyLake responds:

Hard to say. We will release the demo for sure, which is like a small Cube Escape.


2015-11-29 20:10:07

Premium? So much for my favorite game series. Looks like I'll have to find a new one.

RustyLake responds:

Rusty Lake Hotel isn't the same as the Cube Escape series:


2015-12-08 14:19:58

No, it's just taking all of the lore and characters and giving it a different title. *rolls eyes*

(Updated ) RustyLake responds:

Well.. that's very short-sighted :) guess you need to find another series indeed!