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We're back with a new Cube Escape!

2017-04-02 10:59:30 by RustyLake

After working a long time on Rusty Lake: Roots, our second premium game (available on Steam,, ios and android), we could finally begin a new Cube Escape. It's already the ninth episode. And we really hope you guys on Newgrounds, will enjoy it. Good to be back :)



Cube Escape: Theatre is now available on Newgrounds!




Cube Escape: Birthday is now available!

2016-02-22 11:50:13 by RustyLake

We're back! Cube Escape: Birthday is now available on Newgrounds!


Happy New Year!

2016-01-03 11:51:21 by RustyLake

It’s almost time for another party! #CubeEscape



Welcome our guests to the Rusty Lake Hotel and make sure they will have a pleasant stay. There will be 5 dinners this week. Make sure every dinner is worth dying for.

Rusty Lake Hotel is a mysterious point and click game developed by the creators of the Cube Escape series.

A single, one way trip to this undiscovered part in the Rusty Lake universe will cost only $ 1,99 / € 1,99 and is now available on:

Desktop (Windows/Mac):

Rusty Lake Hotel is almost there

2015-12-09 17:43:56 by RustyLake


Hi Guys, it’s almost time to meet the guests and staff of the Rusty Lake Hotel! Please read more about this premium game on our blog.

We will also launch a demo version, containing just 1 room/level on Newgrounds, this teaser will be the same size as a smaller Cube Escape game (Arles/Harveys box). After this we will work on a new "free" Cube Escape game again, which we will launch here as well.


Rusty Lake Hotel

2015-11-19 07:21:26 by RustyLake

The name of the new game will be Rusty Lake Hotel:)


We hope to launch our first premium game in the beginning of December. We will launch a demo here at Newgrounds as well.

For now we're looking for a voice for Mr. Owl, a mysterious character you already saw in The Mill.

Read about it here: or on our blog:

We’re working on a new Rusty Lake Project!

2015-10-08 07:15:14 by RustyLake

News from Rusty Lake! A summary and more info about the new project we're working on...

Read about it here And let us know what you think!

Cube Escape: The Mill is live!

2015-09-13 15:09:46 by RustyLake


Play now!